Nassau to Miami – March 2019

We have been waiting for the right weather window to open up to make our return trip home.  Crossing the mighty Gulf Stream can be a beautiful trip, but crossing it in the wrong conditions can make the journey not so nice.  We chose our weather window carefully looking for the flat calm or gentle southerlies.  Crossing the Gulf Stream in strong northerly winds can be very uncomfortable.  The ocean takes her cue from the winds, and in February the northerly winds roll out with indomitable fury in the Bahamas.  It was day 72 on the water.  We departed Nassau, Bahamas at 6:30 a.m. on March 4th.  Just after leaving the marina in the west harbour basin, we were asked to wait to allow a cruise ship to enter the harbour.   Five cruise ships were waiting entrance.  Fortunately, we only had to wait for two of them to enter.

At last, we were on our journey through the turquoise waters.  We traveled through the mighty Gulf Stream with ease.  The wind sent gentle breezes today.  In the gentle breeze, the waves kiss the Journeyer with saline lips of blue.  No pounding waves lashing out today.  We arrived at Miami Beach Marina at 1:20 p.m.  It was hot when we arrived.  We had travelled 164 nautical miles, and now it was time to freshen up Journeyer.  The gentle mist of the hose was a welcoming pleasure. 

Miami Beach Marina is just a few minutes from the ocean.  We had never stopped at Miami before so we took a day to see the sights.  We decided to enjoy the Miami Beach Boardwalk by bike.  We started from the marina and rode though South Point Park.  We followed the paver path along the beach stopping for lunch at the Setai, which is on 20th St.  We each had a glass of wine, and shared salmon tartare.  I had the bright idea of going to get a haircut.  We both were looking quite shaggy.  Well, my first clue should have been that after spending a mere $100.00 for our afternoon hors d’oeuvre our haircut should have waited until we got to Fort Myers.  A half hour later, I walked out of the salon $295.00 poorer.  Chuck a $100.00 poorer.   I have come to realize that although Miami offers the vibrant night life, fashionable restaurants, shops and galleries, it is much too rich for my pocketbook. 

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