Miami to Marathon – March 2020

It is day 73 on the water.  We departed Miami at 6:45 a.m.  The winds were good to us again.  The waves were 1-2 foot.  We arrived at Marathon Marina at 11:45.  We traveled 95.5 nautical miles through good water.  By the start of the next day, the winds were back in full rage again.  There would not be another weather window again until the 12th.   Because the winds were so nasty, there was not much to do except relax and wait them out.

During one of our walks, we ran into a couple that we had met in the Bahamas.  We were walking along Overseas Highway, and we saw a bright yellow jeep pull over.  A lady was hanging out the window waving.  It took us a bit before we realized who it was.   What a small world.  They were down for a few days, so we took the opportunity to have dinner with them and a few other fellow boaters.

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