Dolphin Cay – Atlantis – Bahamas – February 2020

On our last stay at Atlantis, we did not check out Dolphin Cay, which has a marine mammal habitat. This time we did. It was awesome!  Their first residents were 17 stranded dolphins and 10 sea lions.  They were rescues from Hurricane Katrina.  When Hurricane Katrina hit Gulfport their home was Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi.  The dolphins had been left behind in a in a building in a 20-foot-tall tank, which seemed at the time the safest place for them to ride out the storm. After Katrina’s surge subsided, the dolphins could not be found.  The dolphins were spotted twelve days after the hurricane just outside Gulfport’s harbour.  The owner of Marine Life did not want to rebuild after Katrina, so the dolphins were sold to Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Spread over 14 acres, Dolphin Cay is an attraction that allows tourists to interact with the dolphins.  Sixteen of the 17 Katrina dolphins are still alive.  In Dolphin Cay there is a viewing area that you can watch the dolphins interact with the tourists that pay to do this interaction.  These amazing creatures came from peril to paradise.  They were amazing to watch as they rose so high from the water. I was in awe as the water cascaded down their sleek, streamlined, fusiform body.

The Finale!

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