Back at Faro Blanco, Marathon, FL – February 2020

We flew back home on the 8th.  We almost missed our connecting flight because the plane was delayed for over an hour because the ramp was frozen to the plane.  We did make our flight, but our luggage did not.   Fortunately, it was on the next flight that was coming in, in a couple of hours.  So, we stayed at the airport, had lunch and collected our luggage.

We did not get to take full advantage of Faro Blanco Marina because we flew back home.  However, we did try out the waterfront restaurant that was excellent.  There is a historic lighthouse on the property.  It was built in 1950, but in 1960, it was severely damaged by Hurricane Donna and again by Hurricane Wilma in 2005 to the point where it was condemned. It has been restored and is now a part of the Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club. It is used as the dockmaster’s office.  It is a marina well worth staying at again.

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