Snorkeling – Loggerhead Key – Dry Tortugas National Park – January 2020

The largest island off the Dry Tortugas is Loggerhead Key. It covers about 49 acres. A lighthouse that was constructed in 1857 is located on this island. We moored on the east side of the island. This was our first-time mooring. We swam to shore then snorkeled on the west side of the island. They refer to this spot that we snorkeled at as Little Africa. There was a house-like structure that was split entirely in half.

It was an amazing snorkeling adventure. The visibility was amazing. It was a unique experience swimming in turquoise water, void of gravity. It felt like we were swimming in a giant aquarium. We saw French Angelfish, and a zillion other species that would take me forever to research what they were. Lovely purple sea fans could be seen everywhere. Truly another world, an alien landscape.

Journeyer Moored
Purple Sea Fan
French Angelfish

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