Sleeping under the Starry Skies at Dry Tortugas – January 2020

We anchored in Garden Key harbor for the night. As the night skies reached darkness, stars could be seen in every direction. Blinking in every direction, they smiled down at us and warmed our soles like a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. As the stars burned like a brilliant sapphire light, a beautiful creature of nature cruises behind our boat. There is such grace to his movements. He swims slowly. It is a Goliath Grouper beneath our boat. This behemoth of the sea was enormous. It is a story that we will tell again and again. An encounter of a lifetime. As the milky speckles twirled and danced liked fairy lights in the night sky, we slept under the night sky on the bow of the boat. The Journeyer is our land amid the water.

Seaplane coming in for landing
Video of Goliath Grouper
Goliath Grouper

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