November 25, 2018 – Orange Beach Marina

Traveling further along the Intracoastal Waterway, we made our way to Orange Beach Marina, which is located close to the Gulf.  We saw a few dolphins as they popped up here and there along our journey. This marina is a relatively new marina built to service the sport fishing community.

We arrived early enough to enjoy the sunshine before the sweet drops of nature’s magic came to wash the world. The percussion of soft raindrops created a blissful song.  As the rain subsided, we decided to brave the elements and walk to a nearby restaurant. We enjoyed a tasty meal, and a walk home in the rain. The rain washed through the street like a river would rise. We walked through a curtain of water.   No jumping from puddle to puddle,  just a steady stream of water soaking our shoes.  Like two children being naughty, we sloshed through the river of water.   As the water rises up and runs between my toes, it brings a  naughty smile to my face.