September 27, 2018 – Bad Day Leaving Heritage Habor

The river was veiled in a mist. The mist rose in smokey swirls. A vast blanket of white rose from it, swallowing everything around it..

I was snapping a photo and clunk. We hit bottom exiting out of the marina channel. The water levels were low coming into the marina, and the water level had dropped just enough for us to damage our right propeller leaving the marina. We now have to travel slowly to ensure no further damage is done.

Staved Rock Lock & Dam

We worked our way along the river trying to stop at Hamm’s Holiday Harbour Marina, but again the water levels were too shallow for us to get into the marina. We sucked up mud and silt into the strainers filling up the strainers. Exiting out of the marina, we touched bottom again. We finally stopped at the Municipal dock in Peoria where they could accommodate larger boats. We found various different objects to tie the boat up to. We were without power for the night, but no big deal.

After a long and stressful day at the river, we headed into town to a local pub for a drink. We took everything off the boat that was not attached and stowed it away as we were warned that this was not a good area.

Drama on the river an expensive day running aground.

Peoria Municipal Docks

We hope to pull the boat in Kentucky at Green Turtle Bay Marina to change our props.